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Our next training course, "Avionics Software DO-178C & Hardware DO-254", will be held in Madrid in September  2017. The course is organized by Doymus and procured, in English, by our partner Vance Hilderman.

It's a new edition of the course delivered in February to Spain's main avionics companies. If you couldn't attend at that time, now you have a second chance; with the advantage that this edition is limited to 10 attendants.
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DO-178C & DO-254 Introduction
   • ARP 4754A’s Safety Regimen Feedback Loops
   • Optimal DO-178 & 254 Engineering Route
   • DO-178 Five Key Plans
   • The Avionics System Document Hierarchy
   • DO-254: The Terminology
   • Criticality Levels
   • Safety Assessment Concepts
   • Safety & System Development
DO-178 Development Plans
   • PSAC Overview
   • Quality Assurance Plan Overview
   • Configuration Management Plan Overview
   • Development Plan Overview
   • Verification Plan Overview
DO-178 Development Processes
   • Software Requirements
   • Design & Architecture
   • Coding/Implementation
   • The Verification Equation
   • Software Testing & Static Analysis
   • Structural Coverage Analysis
DO-254 Details
   • Five Key Plans
   • Hardware Design Process
   • Conceptual Design Process
   • Detailed Design Process
   • Implementation Process
   • Hardware Verification
   • DO-254 Best Practices
DO-178C Details
   • DO-330: Tool Qualification
   • DO-331: Model Based Development
   • DO-332: Object Oriented Technologies
   • DO-333: Formal Methods
DO-178C/254 Relation to ARP-4754A
Top DO-178C & DO-254
Special Topic: 178/254 Checklists
Special Topic: Gap Analysis
Special Topic: Cost, Estimation & Metrics
AFuzion’s trainers did the world’s first DO-178 training in 1988 and since then have trained over 11,500 engineers in 35 countries:  more than all other trainers in the world combined. 

Doymus and its partners have trained more than 250 engineers in Spain in the last three years.
Vance Hilderman is, with a big difference, the best scored trainer of all the training courses organized by Doymus.
The price is: 975 €/attendant
Training Course:

Avionics Software
DO-178C & Hardware DO-254

Price includes a book with the slides of the course and access to AFuzion’s proprietary library of avionics development whitepapers.

• Attendants to previous courses of Doymus or Afuzion:           50% off.
Madrid, 14-15 September 2017.  16 Hours
Max. 10 Attendants
Limited Edition
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