Visure: Gestion de Requisitos

Astrée: Detección de errores runtime

Stack Analyzer: Dimensionar el stack

AbsInt -- Estimación del WCET

Multi: Entorno de desarrollo cruzado

Integrity: Real Time Operating System

CodeSonar - Análisis de Vulnerabilidades

CodeSentry - Análisis de Vulnerabilidades
Formación en Certificación Aeronáutica

Formación en Certificación Ferroviaria

Formación en Certificación Automoción

Formación en Ingeniería de Requisitos

Formación en Ingeniería de Sistemas

Formación en SonarQube

Python for testers

HDL Verification for Safety Critical

Remote Live Training Course:

Avionics Ecosystem:
DO-178C, DO-254 & ARP4754A
DO-178C & DO-254 Introduction
   • Optimal DO-178 & 254 Engineering Route
   • DO-178 Five Key Plans
   • The Avionics System Document Hierarchy
   • DO-254: The Terminology
   • Criticality Levels
ARP 4761A Safety Assesment
   • Safety Assessment Concepts
   • Safety Development
DO-178 Development Plans
   • PSAC Overview
   • Quality Assurance Plan Overview
   • Configuration Management Plan Overview
   • Development Plan Overview
   • Verification Plan Overview
DO-178 Development Processes
   • Software Requirements
   • Design & Architecture
   • Coding/Implementation
   • The Verification Equation
   • Software Testing & Static Analysis
   • Structural Coverage Analysis
DO-254 Details
   • Five Key Plans
   • Hardware Design Process
   • Conceptual Design Process
   • Detailed Design Process
   • Implementation Process
   • Hardware Verification
   • DO-254 Best Practices
DO-178C Details
   • DO-330: Tool Qualification
   • DO-331: Model Based Development
   • DO-332: Object Oriented Technologies
   • DO-333: Formal Methods
Top DO-178C & DO-254 Mistakes
   • Relationship with DO-178C & DO-254 and ARP4761
   • Understanding the new ARP4761A - Overview
   • ARP4754 vs. ARP4754A
   • ARP4744A Planning - What is really required
   • What is required for ARP4754A for FHA, PSSA, SSA
   • Derived & Safety Requirements per ARP4754A
   • System Requirements - What, Where, Why and How
   • ARP4754A Documentation
   • ARP4754A Verification & Validation
   • ARP4754A Best Practices & Common Mistakes
Special Topic: 178/254 Checklists
Special Topic: Gap Analysis
Special Topic: Cost, Estimation & Metrics
Vance Hilderman, CEO and founder of AFuzion, gives DO-178C training courses worldwide since 1988. Over 18,000 engineers have been trained by AFuzion, more than all other trainers in the world, combined.

Doymus and its partners have trained more than 600 engineers in Spain/Europe in the last five years.
Vance Hilderman is, with a big difference, the best scored trainer of all the training courses organized by Doymus.

Attendees will get free access to the library of technical articles on avionics certification written by AFuzion and they will receive in electronic format a selection of white-papers, addendum to the standards from FAA, EASA, RTCA and several templates of checklists and plans. The documentation package received by each participant consists on more than 60 documents.

An example whitepaper is availabe here:
  (A full set of these proprietary whitepapers are only available to paid attendees - the preceding is a sample of one whitepaper).
The world's most popular training in avionics certification ,"Avionics Ecosystem: DO-178C, DO-254 & ARP4754A", which is successfully given in USA, is  coming again to Europe. The course is organized by Doymus and given, in English, by our partner Vance Hilderman.

The course is focused on DO-178C and its supplements (DO-330, DO-331, DO-332, DO-333) with specific sections to show the complete ecosystem: ARP 4754A for systems and DO-254 for hardware.
June 12 - 15, 2023
15:30 - 20.00 hours CET (Madrid, Paris, ...)
6:30 - 11:00 hours PST (Los Angeles, Vancouver, ...)
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The normal price is 1.450 €/pax or US$1,550


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