Integrity real-time operating system

Five reasons to choose Green Hills


Maximum security operating system ("Security"): EAL6+ High Robustness certified, according to IEC-15408 IT.


Pre-certified operating system according to functional safety standards: DO-178, EN-50128, ISO-26262, IEC-62304.


Advanced certifiable "Multi Core" support


Hard Real Time" performance for "Safety Critical" applications


Proven in use on the most advanced critical systems

It meets the most critical performance requirements

Integrity's kernel never inhibits any interrupts.

Interrupt service routines run with minimal latency. Integrity can respond to events in a matter of nanoseconds.

Guaranteed partition integrity in space and time domains

Integrity allows you to allocate fixed amounts of CPU time and memory to each process. These allocated amounts will be available regardless of the behavior of the rest of the processes.

Integrity guarantees that if an application, running in one of its partitions (Protected Virtual Address Spaces), fails for any reason (internal or external), the rest of the applications will not be affected. This allows us to certify applications of different criticality on the same equipment.

Typical libraries such as the communications stack (TCP/IP, USB), file systems and even device drivers run in partitions separate from each other and separate from the operating system kernel.

Support of certifiable multi-core architectures

Integrity supports Asymmetric Multiprocessor (AMP) and Symmetric Multiprocessor (SMP) multi-core architectures optimized for use in real-time embedded environments.

You can configure the allocation of applications to cores with a dedicated kernel and a dedicated memory area. You can also configure the execution of "n" high priority tasks on "n" cores to facilitate determinism.

Secure virtualization support

Integrity Multivisor provides virtualization functionality that allows you to run different operating systems on the same hardware.

On processors that support hypervisor acceleration, such as Intel VT-x/d, ARM VE, Integrity supports full virtualization whereby no changes to the host operating system are required.

Integrity Multivisor can assign guest operating systems to cores or distribute the workload among them.

Support of external applications (Middleware)

Green Hills provides basic applications for Integrity, such as TCP/IP and USB communications protocols, file systems, e-mail, etc. Cryptographic libraries are also provided for the development of end-to-end security applications: TLS/SSL protocols, SSH, IPSec/IKE, Device Lifecycle Management agent, secure boot, etc.

In addition, there are multiple vendors that offer external applications for Integrity.

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