Gap Analysis for Functional Safety

DO-178 & DO-254
ISO 26262

How much will it cost me to certify my equipment?

Depending on the development and quality processes in place in your company, the capabilities of your employees and the tools in use, the cost of certification can be affordable or absolutely prohibitive.

What is it for?

The Gap Analysis process performed by Afuzion/Doymus allows us:

  • To detect existing deficiencies
  • To design an initial certification plan
  • To estimate the approximate cost of certification of your equipment, system or

To do this:

  • Existing development processes are reviewed: requirements, design,
    development and testing, including the deliverables that are generated.
  • The safety analysis and risk assessment process and the existing organization
    are reviewed.
  • The process of configuration management, verification and
    validation is reviewed both at component level (hardware or software) and at
    system level.
  • The quality management process applied and the organization of
    quality is reviewed.
  • The technical capabilities and level of training of
    different roles of the technical, safety and quality team are analyzed.
  • Existing development support tools are analyzed.

The result

The result is a detailed report of the current situation, identified gaps and a training plan for certification. Optionally, an initial estimate of the effort required to undertake the certification is obtained.

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