Templates for Plans, Standards and Verification Checklists

Templates for DO-178C / ED-12C

The process templates and checklists have been written by AFuzion and are being used in different certification projects worldwide. These templates provide the basis for the development and certification of aeronautical software following RTCA DO-178C or its equivalent EUROCAE ED-12C.

DO 178C/ED-12C requires planning and software lifecycle documents for certification, safety, requirements, design, configuration management, quality assurance, validation and verification. Using these templates for the generation of the required documents greatly facilitates their preparation and subsequent approval.

Also, DO 178C/ED-12C requires reviews, audits and proof of completion. The best proof of completion is to complete a detailed and comprehensive checklist covering the main planning and development activities of the software life cycle.

Creating planning and software lifecycle documents and review checklists from scratch is a labor-intensive and error-prone job. Using the templates provided significantly simplifies this effort and reduces the errors that are made when performing an activity for the first time.


ARP 4754A / ED-79A Plans and Standards Templates

  • Plan for Software Aspects of Certification

  • Software Quality Assurance Plan

  • Software Configuration Management Plan

  • Software Development Plan

  • Software Verification Plan

  • Tool Qualification Plan

  • Software Requirement Standard

  • System & Software Requirement Standard

  • Software Design Standard

  • Software Coding Standard

  • Software C Coding Standard

  • Software Configuration Index (SCI/SECI)

  • Software Accomplishment Summary

  • Traceability Matrix Software

ARP 4754A / ED-79A Checklist Templates

  • Plan for Software Aspects of Certification Checklist

  • Software Quality Assurance Plan Checklist

  • Software Configuration Management Plan Checklist

  • Software Development Plan Checklist

  • Software Verification Plan Checklist

  • Software Requirements Standard Checklist

  • Software Design Standard Checklist

  • Software Coding Standard Checklist

  • Software Configuration Index Checklist

  • Software Requirements Checklist

  • Software Design Data Checklist

  • Source Code Review Checklist

  • Software Test Procedures Checklist

  • Software Verification Results Checklist

  • Software Verification Analysis Checklist

  • Software Environment & Configuration Index Checklist

  • Software Accomplishment Summary Checklist

  • Stage of Involvement #1 Checklist

  • Stage of Involvement #2 Checklist

  • Stage of Involvement #3 Checklist

  • Stage of Involvement #4 Checklist

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